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“We couldn’t have asked for a better car, thank you Edgar for being so friendly and helpful, next time we will sure be your clients again.”

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“Edgar is super friendly and helpful, we could always ask him for advice, even while traveling the South Island, and he helped us a lot!”


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“Edgar is a top bloke. Incredibly genuine and goes the extra mile to help and support you.
Non pushy, helpful and really nice.”

If during your trip to NZ you meet with Edgar on your way you can consider yourself very lucky. Just like his cars he is a very reliable person.


I traveled for 2 months the North and South Island with the Honda Odyssey that I bought from him, and I can’t be more satisfied with the car, as I didn’t have any type of mechanical problem. That’s normal when you see how Edgar cares for his cars.

In addition he was really kind and removed the back seats and settled a bed to give me a better rest during my experience in the country.


Edgar also helps you with the legal formalities (insurance, change of name, recommendations …) and guarantees the purchase of the car after the trip, which makes things much easier for independent travelers.


Also he was so kind, as in my last day in NZ and after the re-buying, he brought me to the airport.


If you want to enjoy a good trip through NZ, buying a car with Edgar is the best way to start!! Don’t doubt it!! – Raquel 

Edgar is great!


We bought our campervan in advance and payed everything with Transferwise, which is reliable and safe, and then you call yourself a proud owner of a campervan.

Edgar took his time taking us to the AA (for registration and insurance), to the tank station while having a test drive (to get you introduced with the driving differences and the character of the campervan. 


Later we went to his office where he did all the paperwork for us.

He answered every question we had so we could start our adventure with a safe feeling. 

We are on the road for a couple of days now and we just loooove the campervan life.


If you have a problem with your campervan, which is doubtful cause he’ll make sure there isn’t any problems, just ask him and he’ll help you out.

Thanks, Ed’s Campervans! – Astrid

We bought our car last September and we really loved it. It was tiny, but lovely and cosy. We haven’t had any problems. And we didn’t had to care about a platform for the bed, because Ed’s Campervans built one for us. Thanks for this nice support and good start for our travel – Robin

I would ALWAYS recommend Edgar to everyone!!!
We were very happy and satisfied with our car and Edgar is so friendly and helpful!

I am really glad I met you Edgar and I wish you all the best!

Thank you for all that you’ve done for us!!! – Lisa Marie

I arrived in New Zealand with no firm decision to purchase a campervan for my 4 month stay. However after looking at Ed’s web site I decided to give him a call. 

My initial contact was with Abby who advised me of the type of vehicles Ed supplied and arranged for me to meet up with him at very short notice. 

The process to buy was completed very efficiently and professionally. My van, which had not had its conversion fully completed, was ready within 2 days.

I toured both the North and South Island and did not encounter any problems with the vehicle. 

If you are considering buying a campervan for your travels in new Zealand then I cannot recommend Ed and Abby highly enough. They are friendly, efficient, professional and very helpful. They went over and above what I expected the service to be.

The buy-back guarantee made the end of my trip very smooth.

I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Thank you Ed and Abby, you made my dream trip to New Zealand wonderful.’ – Christine, solo traveller from UK.

My journey to New Zealand began with a change in life’s direction. I retired.  While I am unwilling to use that word publicly, that is the socially acceptable term used when you move from one kind of life to another.

What isn’t taught in school or really during one’s career, is how to make the transition from one age and stage to another.

So, for me, going to New Zealand was not only going to be a “vacation” bucket list thing I wanted to check off; I also wanted it to be transformational.

It needed to be in a place where experience adventure, discovery and learning was going on while I figured out “what I wanted to be when I grow up” at age 61.  The jury is still out on that!

Based on my former career as an accountant,

I began by looking at costing this “trip”.  The main cost I could control was transportation.

I knew I wanted to cover a lot of territory in about two and one-half months, so I had to configure an option that would combine transportation, accommodation with flexibility as inexpensively as possible.

I decided on using a camper van as it offered the most flexibility, convenience and of course the coolness factor.

Then reality hit home…

It turns out I am not the only one who wanted to use a camper van in New Zealand from December to February.  For a while, I didn’t think I was going to be able to make this trip happen.

The quotes I got to rent a camper van were in the order of NZD$8,000 – 12,000 plus an assortment of other costs.  Ed’s Campervans (Edgar and Abby) enter stage right at this juncture.

On a whim, I spotted an ad in a backpacker website. I made the enquiry, and basically, the plan would be to buy a camper van and then sell it at the end of my trip.  At first, it seemed like a hassle.  But Ed’s team let me know there was an option for them to repurchase the vehicle at a discount, of course, a the end of the trip.

After identifying the vehicle and the “buy back” option amount, the math started to work out.  I had the option of selling the vehicle on my own or directly bringing it back in the same condition I got it in at the end.

The net cost was significantly less than renting.

Ed has an underlying view that when he sells a vehicle that it should be safe, reliable,

and that the person who buys it can operate it safely in New Zealand.  On that score, Ed gets bonus points.  He took me out on a test drive before; he let me take possession of the vehicle.

I am told the record number of test drives before release was five.  Anyone coming from North America would find this a comfort as it not only gives Ed some assurance you can drive the vehicle, you get a chance to learn the controls and features of your campervan!

One of the most mindful, relaxing places I visited was Piha Beach.

It is located roughly 40 kilometres from Auckland; while weekends are busy, weekdays are pretty good.  The rock formations, the beach and the water, was a delight.  Getting there are sunrise was magnificent!  I did camp in a holiday park ( a great idea by the way) and rambled over to the coffee shop for a flat white and stroll.  A perfect way to enjoy nature and do some much-needed navel gazing!

Another great experience was in Kaikoura in the South Island. 

It was here I discovered that Kiwi’s have a love of 1980’s rock music. The town was having a festival, and I was in heaven.  It was also here that I found a furry seal sanctuary and took advantage of a dolphin excursion.  Here too, I stayed in a Top10 holiday park (safe, clean and ubiquitous!).

I believe baby “vroomers”, ought to consider group travel in campervans.

You would get the independence everyone desires, and the socialisation at the end of the day at an agreed upon meetup place.  But then, that’s just me!!  No matter what you decide, New Zealand by campervan is an ideal solution to beating the “see, view and visit” syndromes of bus travel.

Happy travels.

John B, USA

February 2019, Toyota Estima