Ed’s Campervans – Extended Mechanical Warranty
Terms and Conditions. 

1. Ed’s Campervans has an optional add on of a warranty that will cover the cost of mechanical faults on the engine, transmission and cooling systems. 

2. The cost of this warranty is $999

3. The warranty covers you vehicle for the first 20,000km that you drive or for a maximum of 6 months after your warranty begins. 

4. Once the mechanical warranty has expired, if you have not need to use it, we will refund you NZD$500. Please contact us and provide us with your bank account details so we can action the refund. 

5. The extended warranty covers costs to a maximum of $3,000 dollars. Any costs after that will be required to be covered by the customer. 

6. If a customer wishes to use their extended warranty they must provide records of regular servicing every 6,000km that the vehicle has travelled. 

After the first 6,000km the servicing undertaken must include checking of all fluids and topping up when required. 

After 12,000km engine oil and filter must be changed. 

It is the customers responsibility to get and keep all written records of the servicing being completed. 

7. We will provide training on basic maintenance procedures of the vehicle including checking oil and water. We recommend that the water and oil is checked daily. 

8. If there is any evidence that the odometer has been tampered with the warranty will be void. 

9. As soon as there is any mechanical fault found on the vehicle, you must contact Edgar immediately before any repair work is carried out. 

10. You are welcome to get repairs or faults on the vehicles engine, transmission or cooling system repaired independent of the warranty. If you do this you must let Edgar know what the repairs were for warranty to still be valid.