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We have a large stock of campervans, cars, minibuses, etc. If you do not find what you are looking for, contact us, we are always renewing stock of vehicles

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“…You would get the independence everyone desires, and the socialization at the end of the day at an agreed upon meetup place. But then, that’s just me!! No matter what you decide, New Zealand by campervan is an ideal solution to beating the “see, view and visit” syndromes of bus travel…”  Happy travels.

” We bought our car last September and we really loved it. It was tiny, but lovely and cosy. We haven’t had any problems. And we didn’t had to care about a platform for the bed, because Ed’s Campervans built one for us. Thanks for this nice support and good start for our travel ” – Robin

“… If you want to enjoy a good trip through NZ, buying a car with Edgar is the best way to start!! Don’t doubt it!! …” – Raquel

If you have a problem with your campervan, which is doubtful cause he’ll make sure there isn’t any problems, just ask him and he’ll help you out. Thanks, Ed’s Campervans! – Astrid