About Ed’s Campervans

Edgar Munro started Ed’s Campervans 11 years ago. He has been involved with the vehicle industry almost his whole working life. With a background in Engineering, he has spent years working in the vehicle modification industry.

Ed’s Campervans started by chance when his friend asked him to build a bed in the back of van. Demand soon grew and 11 years later, Edgar has sold hundreds of vehicles to backpackers and adventurers to New Zealand.

Originally from Scotland, Edgar understands that travellers want a reliable vehicle that they can trust to drive around the country. He is known for going the extra mile to help his customers get the vehicle they need.

He knows travellers are here to have a great time and that their vehicle plays a huge part in their experience.

Edgar is a licensed motor vehicle trader (M333534).

A registered motor vehicle trader will guarantee consumers “good title” to a car. Traders have to comply with both the Consumer Guarantees Act and the Fair Trading Act.

Edgar expects you will have plenty of questions before you buy a Campervan. There are plenty of ways to get in touch.

Ed’s Campervans
Happy customers.

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“We couldn’t have asked for a better car, thank you Edgar for being so friendly and helpful, next time we will sure be your clients again. ”




“Edgar is super friendly and helpful, we could always ask him for advice, even while traveling the south island, and he helped us a lot! ”


@United Kingdom


“Edgar is a top bloke. Incredibly genuine and goes the extra mile to help and support you buy from him.
Non pushy, helpful and really nice.”

If during your trip to NZ you meet with Edgar on your way you can consider yourself very lucky. Just like his cars he is a very reliable person.

I traveled for 2 months the north and south island with the Honda Odyssey that I bought him, and I can’t be more satisfied with the car, as I didn’t have any type of mechanical problem. That’s normal when you see how Edgar cares his cars, even he made it a review when he had already sold it to me.

In addition he was really kind and remove the back seats and settled a bed for give me a better rest during my experience in the country.

Edgar also helps you with the legal formalities (insurance, change of name, recommendations …) and guarantees the purchase of the car after the trip, which makes things much easier for independent travelers. Also he was so kind, as in my last day in NZ and after the rebuying, he brought me to the airport.

If you want to enjoy a good trip through NZ, buying a car to Edcars is the best way to start!! Don’t doubt it!!

We bought our car last september and we really loved it. It was tiny, but lovely and cosy. We haven’t had any problems. And we didn’t had to care about a platform for the bed, because edcar build one for us. Thanks for this nice support and good start for out travel

I would ALWAYS recommend Edgar to everyone!!!
We were very happy and satisfyed with our car and Edgar is so friendly and helpful!
I am really glad i met you Edgar and i wish you all the best!

Thank you for all that you’ve done for us!!! – Lisa Marie