About Ed’s Campervans

Edgar Munro started Ed’s Campervans 13 years ago. He has been involved with the vehicle industry almost his whole working life. With a background in Engineering, he has spent years working in the vehicle modification industry.

Ed’s Campervans started by chance when his friend asked him to build a bed in the back of van. Demand soon grew and 13 years later, Edgar has sold hundreds of vehicles to backpackers and adventurers to New Zealand.

Originally from Scotland, Edgar understands that travellers want a reliable vehicle that they can trust to drive around the country. He is known for going the extra mile to help his customers get the vehicle they need.

He knows travellers are here to have a great time and that their vehicle plays a huge part in their experience.

Edgar is a licensed motor vehicle trader (M392528).

A registered motor vehicle trader will guarantee consumers “good title” to a car. Traders have to comply with both the Consumer Guarantees Act and the Fair Trading Act.

Edgar expects you will have plenty of questions before you buy a Campervan. There are plenty of ways to get in touch.